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Community supports breast care through Breast In Show Exhibition

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February 9, 2024 - Artist Brenda Benedet set out to accomplish two goals with her Breast In Show Exhibition at the Colborne Street Gallery in Fenelon Falls: to improve recognition of the symptoms of breast cancer, and to support the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by fundraising for Ross Memorial’s Breast Assessment Centre.

With her three dimensional felt and mixed material breasts and her two talks about her own experience as a breast cancer survivor, Brenda emphasized that detecting breast cancer involves more than feeling a lump; any change warrants a check up.

Brenda and the team at the Colborne Street Gallery also encouraged donations for the community’s Breast Assessment Centre at Ross Memorial and participation in a silent art auction through the month of October.

Brenda Benedet joined the gallery’s managing director Darcie Kennedy and Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO, to celebrate the success of the Breast In Show efforts:  $8,026 to support the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer at RMH.  

“Brenda and the team at the Colborne Street Gallery are a wonderful example that everyone can play a role in patient care at the Ross,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Together, they combined their passion for art with their desire to help others, and as a result, their impacting the care of women and men throughout Kawartha Lakes. We’re so grateful for their exceptional efforts.”

Every month, approximately 960 people are screened for breast cancer at Ross Memorial Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of donors, RMH has acquired the best diagnostic technology required to become an Accredited Breast Assessment Centre with a High Risk Breast Screening program, affiliated with Cancer Care Ontario. Leading edge technology including the community’s new MRI and 3D Mammography are 100% donor funded.

PHOTO:  Darcie Kennedy, Erin Coons and Brenda Benedet outside Ross Memorial Hospital