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Fenelon Lions continue quest to support community's CT Scanner

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November 16, 2022 - The members of the Fenelon Falls & District Lions Club work hard in their volunteer roles to make their community the best it can be. Part of that commitment involves support for their local hospital.

For the past two years, the Lions have been focusing their fundraising work to help fund the community’s new CT Scanner at Ross Memorial Hospital. Today, Lions Barry and Susan Tate and Lloyd and Deb McIntyre visited the Ross to present a $1,000 donation to Kim Coulter, RMH Foundation Communications Specialist. This gift — the second in a three year pledge to support local CT imaging — brings the Club’s cumulative giving to the Foundation to $33,500 since 1996.   

“With every event and good deed, the Fenelon Lions show that they are community champions. They’re also valued members of our donor family at the Ross,” said Kim Coulter. “The $2 million cost of CT Scanner is not covered by government funding. Essential acquisitions such as this are not possible without the community’s support through donations to the RMH Foundation. Service clubs including the Fenelon Falls and District Lions play an important role in ensuring our Hospital provides the best care possible.” 

CT imaging is a critical tool for diagnosing injuries and disease, and for guiding surgeries and cancer treatments. At the Ross, the CT team conducts more than 12,000 scans every year.

After ten years and more than 120,000 scans, the Hospital’s second CT Scanner reached the end of its useful life and was replaced last summer.

PHOTO (left to right): Kim Coulter, Lloyd McIntyre, Deb McIntyre, Susan Tate and Barry Tate gather outside Ross Memorial Hospital to celebrate the Fenelon Falls Lions’ generosity.