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RMH Auxiliary committed to enhance patient care

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June 20, 2017 - Volunteers at the Ross Memorial are committed to enhance patient care. An important part of this work at the Ross involves fundraising. The money the Auxiliary makes in the Reflections Café and Gift Shop, through lottery and tuck cart sales, Bingo and bake sales, raffles and vendors in the lobby, grocery bagging and Tag Day, comes back to the Hospital to support the purchase of medical equipment and capital projects.

On June 19th RMHA Life Members Elke Beckers and Walter Jones joined Auxiliary Board members Linda Danaher and Andra Gerry to present the Auxiliary’s 2016/17 gift of $150,000 to the RMH Foundation. The funds will help the Hospital acquire seven defibrillators, an opthalmoscope to help doctors detect problems in patients’ eyes, and a cystoscope, used to examine the interior of the urinary bladder.

“On the surface, much of our members’ work seems simple enough – offering directions, delivering newspapers, pouring coffee, chatting with patients – but the impact of our involvement at the Ross reaches throughout the organization, supporting the healthcare providers at the bedside, and ensuring local patients have access to the best, life-saving tools,” said Ward Levine, Auxiliary President.

“On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, I’d like to thank every volunteer at the Ross Memorial for the role they played in this generous contribution to the Hospital,” said Tim Shauf, RMHF Board Chair. “The volunteers’ work at the Ross is a team effort. Whether they’re here in the Hospital, out in the community, or helping from home, the volunteers’ service impacts patients and enhances their care. Mission accomplished, I’d say.”