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Make This Your Moment - 2021 Holiday Appeal

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Exactly one year ago, Kate Winn was diagnosed with breast cancer. That news set in motion what Kate calls her cancer story. Thanks to her early diagnosis and timely care at the Ross, Kate’s story has a happy ending. This holiday season, Kate is sharing her story to help others when they need it most.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is among the technology that helped to pinpoint Kate’s tumour and ensure there were no others. When Kate learned that the ten-year-old MRI must be replaced and that government funding doesn’t cover the cost, she was quick to offer her help by sharing her story through the RMH Foundation’s Holiday Appeal. 

“I’m so incredibly grateful. Grateful for the care I received, for the support of my family, friends and community, for my good outcome … and for the chance to pay it forward,” said Kate Winn. “Just as it took a broad healthcare team to help me beat cancer, it takes all of us to ensure the best care is available at our local hospital. It’s only with the generous support of donors that our hospital team has the medical equipment and advanced technology it needs to diagnose and treat patients.”

“We’re incredibly grateful to Kate for helping to highlight this important community need,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Magnetic Resonance Imaging helps physicians confidently diagnose disease and injury in the brain, spine, joints, breasts and organs. It’s a vital tool for detecting herniated or bulging disks, arthritic changes, tumours and other lesions. More than 500 patient exams are scanned at the Ross every month.” 

“MRI is a diagnostic tool our community simply can’t do without. The provincial government doesn’t fund the cost to replace medical equipment such as this, so it’s up to us to make it happen,” said Ryan O’Neill, RMH Foundation Board Chair. “We hope everyone will watch the mail for Kate’s letter, and make this your moment to keep the best care close to home.” 

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Partners in Precision Care - 2021 Spring Appeal

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Exactly 20 years ago, local health care was transformed with the acquisition of the community’s first CT Scanner.

Today, donors continue to be Partners in Precision Care

CT imaging is a critical tool for diagnosing injuries and disease, and for guiding surgeries and cancer treatments. However, the pace of scientific advancements and constant use are a challenge. This is not a cost the hospital receives government funding to cover. It’s up to us as a community to keep the best CT imaging here at the Ross.

Dr. Jamie McNabb Partners in Precision Care 2021 Spring Appeal

“As a general surgeon, I am keenly aware of how important it is for patients to get CT scans as quickly as possible,” said Dr. Jamie McNabb.

Dr. McNabb is partnering with the RMH Foundation to highlight the urgent need for a new, state-of-the-art CT scanner for the community. Dr. McNabb joined the Ross Memorial’s team of surgeons in 2001, the same year the hospital launched CT imaging services.

You can be a Partner in Precision Care. General Surgeon Dr. Jamie McNabb invites all CKL residents — permanent, seasonal and newcomers — to support this high-priority need.

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Brighter Tomorrows - 2020 Holiday Appeal

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The past months have been challenging with the world in a state of constant change. What hasn’t changed is the community’s need for timely health care: to locate internal bleeding, to map blood flow to the brain, to diagnose blood clots. These patients need careful medical treatment to give them their best chance at recovery – and they need access to precision CT imaging.

With the help of the RMH Chief of Radiology, Dr. Mario Voros, the RMH Foundation is launching the Brighter Tomorrows holiday appeal to help replace the community’s CT scanner.

“I’ve been a Radiologist at the Ross for 15 years now, and I call the hospital’s CT scanner ‘the workhorse’ of the Diagnostic Imaging department,” said Dr. Voros. “It’s one of our most vital pieces of hospital equipment and provides life-saving support to the Emergency department day and night.”

Computerized Tomography scanning combines a series of images taken from various angles to create cross-sectional views of a patient’s bones, blood vessels and soft tissues. Our CT scanner allows radiologists such as Dr. Voros to confidently diagnose disease and injuries, to provide precise direction for surgeries, and to guide cancer treatments.

At the Ross, the CT team conducts more than 12,000 scans every year. The scanner is in almost constant use. After ten years, however, the CT scanner is reaching the end of its useful lifespan. “It’s imperative that we replace it immediately,” said Dr. Voros.

“It was community donors that made it possible to buy the first CT scanner 20 years ago, and the second CT scanner 10 years ago,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “We’re asking for your help once again. The CT scanner is vitally important to our patients’ timely diagnosis and treatment. We hope people will support this appeal and help the hospital replace our community’s aging CT scanner with new technology that can produce high quality images and more accurate data, faster and with a lower dose of radiation.”

“We all look forward to brighter tomorrows,” said Heather Richardson, RMH Foundation Board Chair. “Please watch your mailbox for Dr. Voros’ letter or visit the Foundation’s website to give online. By working together, we can ensure our hospital is equipped with the tools that help give patients their best chance at recovery.”

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Heroes at Heart

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In the last few months, our lives have changed. What hasn’t changed is the way our community feels about its healthcare system. In fact, we appreciate it more than ever.

The Ross Team is grateful for your support. In fact, they couldn’t provide exceptional care without it. With no government funding to purchase life-saving medical equipment and technology, the Ross Memorial Hospital has always depended on the generosity of its donor community.

“From my years working at the Ross Memorial Hospital, I know the need to acquire and replace vital medical equipment is constant,” said Dr. Jeremy Jones, RMH General Internist. “The need is even greater at this difficult time to give our patients the care they require.”

Dr Jones

The RMH Foundation is grateful for Dr. Jones’ help as it launches the 2020 Spring Appeal. Dr. Jones has penned a letter seeking donor support for the Heroes at Heart Appeal. The letter will be delivered throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes in the coming weeks.

The Heroes at Heart Appeal will help fund urgent COVID-related equipment and technology needs at RMH, and buy seven new electrocardiography machines (ECGs).

“The sooner we see a patient’s ECG results, the faster we can diagnose the issue and begin to treat it … heart attacks and arrhythmia, even problems that aren’t heart-related, like lung disease and kidney failure,” said Dr. Jones. “This is vital information for patients of all ages. ECG machines help us save lives.”

“We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of emotional support in recent weeks,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “We hope people will watch for Dr. Jones’ letter in the mail, and extend their support for the Ross Team with a donation during these difficult times. Donors are heroes at heart.”

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Comfort and Care - 2019 Holiday Appeal

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From the Intensive Care Unit to the Surgical ward, the Palliative/Complex Care Unit to the Maternity and Medical Units, patients at Ross Memorial Hospital rely on bedside intravenous (IV) pumps to safely receive medication, fluids and nutrition.

Comfort and Care Holiday 2019 Appeal to raise funds for more IV pumps at RMH Rebecca Karkoulas RN, Steven Lofkrantz RPN, and Kristen Parson RN rely on IV pumps to safely deliver medications, nutrients and fluids to patients throughout the Ross Memorial.

“IV pumps are our partners,” says Steven Lofkrantz RPN. Steven, along with Registered Nurses Rebecca Karkoulas and Kristen Parson, is helping the Foundation launch the  Comfort and Care Holiday Appeal to fundraise for new IV pumps.

“IV pumps are integral to patients’ care — whether they’re receiving life-saving treatment in the ICU, or recovering from surgery, or spending meaningful time with family in the Palliative Care Unit,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “IV pumps are in use throughout the hospital, night and day. As a result of their constant use, they need to be replaced regularly, and that’s why we’re reaching out to the community for support.”

The hospital has 170 IV pumps, each equipped with a wireless computer and the latest  safety software that can dispense various medications and fluids simultaneously and ensure each dose is accurate and appropriate for the patient. Each costs on average $5,000.

“Most of us have been connected to an IV pump at some point in our lives, and we know just how important it is to have IV pumps at the ready 24/7,” said Heather Richardson, RMHF Board Chair. “Government funding doesn’t cover the cost of replacing vital medical equipment. Without the generosity of our donors, the healthcare team at the Ross would be hard-pressed to provide the exceptional care our patients need. Your support makes all the difference.”

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