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Heroes at Heart

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In the last few months, our lives have changed. What hasn’t changed is the way our community feels about its healthcare system. In fact, we appreciate it more than ever.

The Ross Team is grateful for your support. In fact, they couldn’t provide exceptional care without it. With no government funding to purchase life-saving medical equipment and technology, the Ross Memorial Hospital has always depended on the generosity of its donor community.

“From my years working at the Ross Memorial Hospital, I know the need to acquire and replace vital medical equipment is constant,” said Dr. Jeremy Jones, RMH General Internist. “The need is even greater at this difficult time to give our patients the care they require.”

Dr Jones Dr. Jeremy Jones, RMH General Internist at Ross Memorial Hospital

The RMH Foundation is grateful for Dr. Jones’ help as it launches the 2020 Spring Appeal. Dr. Jones has penned a letter seeking donor support for the Heroes at Heart Appeal. The letter will be delivered throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes in the coming weeks.

The Heroes at Heart Appeal will help fund urgent COVID-related equipment and technology needs at RMH, and buy seven new electrocardiography machines (ECGs).

“The sooner we see a patient’s ECG results, the faster we can diagnose the issue and begin to treat it … heart attacks and arrhythmia, even problems that aren’t heart-related, like lung disease and kidney failure,” said Dr. Jones. “This is vital information for patients of all ages. ECG machines help us save lives.”

“We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of emotional support in recent weeks,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “We hope people will watch for Dr. Jones’ letter in the mail, and extend their support for the Ross Team with a donation during these difficult times. Donors are heroes at heart.”

View or download the 2020 Heroes at Heart appeal letter

Comfort and Care - 2019 Holiday Appeal

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From the Intensive Care Unit to the Surgical ward, the Palliative/Complex Care Unit to the Maternity and Medical Units, patients at Ross Memorial Hospital rely on bedside intravenous (IV) pumps to safely receive medication, fluids and nutrition.

Comfort and Care Holiday 2019 Appeal to raise funds for more IV pumps at RMH Rebecca Karkoulas RN, Steven Lofkrantz RPN, and Kristen Parson RN rely on IV pumps to safely deliver medications, nutrients and fluids to patients throughout the Ross Memorial.

“IV pumps are our partners,” says Steven Lofkrantz RPN. Steven, along with Registered Nurses Rebecca Karkoulas and Kristen Parson, is helping the Foundation launch the  Comfort and Care Holiday Appeal to fundraise for new IV pumps.

“IV pumps are integral to patients’ care — whether they’re receiving life-saving treatment in the ICU, or recovering from surgery, or spending meaningful time with family in the Palliative Care Unit,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “IV pumps are in use throughout the hospital, night and day. As a result of their constant use, they need to be replaced regularly, and that’s why we’re reaching out to the community for support.”

The hospital has 170 IV pumps, each equipped with a wireless computer and the latest  safety software that can dispense various medications and fluids simultaneously and ensure each dose is accurate and appropriate for the patient. Each costs on average $5,000.

“Most of us have been connected to an IV pump at some point in our lives, and we know just how important it is to have IV pumps at the ready 24/7,” said Heather Richardson, RMHF Board Chair. “Government funding doesn’t cover the cost of replacing vital medical equipment. Without the generosity of our donors, the healthcare team at the Ross would be hard-pressed to provide the exceptional care our patients need. Your support makes all the difference.”

View or download the 2019 Holiday Appeal letter